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Pedini is distinguished by its ability to interpret the evolution of technology, and through research, we focus on a new level of development. The know-how of high made-in-Italy design in furniture projects, continuously updated to lifestyles and the different needs arising from them, become the focus of our lines.

Our commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation ensures that our designs are consistently updated to cater to evolving lifestyles and the diverse needs that accompany them.

By blending cutting-edge technology with the timeless elegance of Italian design, we create furniture solutions that adapt to the demands of modern living.


At the core of every Pedini project lies the capability to offer personalized solutions tailored to diverse spaces within the home, spanning from the kitchen to the living room and even the wellness area.

Our commitment to customization ensures that each project is meticulously crafted to meet the unique requirements of our clients.

Research - Evolution of Made In Italy - Pedini Kitchens


Colour shades and light effects are essential to define the aesthetics and design of a project, giving it a distinct personality. Pedini supplies an infinite range of lacquered, laminated, thermo-structured and precious woods, as well as numerous worktop surfaces in an infinite range of refined nuances.

Research - Evolution of Made In Italy - Pedini Kitchens


The study of materials and their juxtaposition, the verification of resistance and durability characteristics, and the use of processes with less environmental impact are the guidelines that guide Pedini before conceiving a new idea. Each project is born from the genius of an intuition, to transform the material into original expressions of contemporary living.

Research - Evolution of Made In Italy - Pedini Kitchens


A design that evolves with the times, the continuous search for state-of-the-art aesthetic and functional solutions that aim at people’s well-being and happiness.

Research - Evolution of Made In Italy - Pedini Kitchens
Research - Evolution of Made In Italy - Pedini Kitchens

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We are able to realise custom-made kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms for private and contract customers worldwide

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