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Thermo-Structured by Pedini

Thermo-structured material emerges as a groundbreaking addition to the realm of modern kitchen design, renowned for its exceptional resilience.

Representing a fusion of innovation and craftsmanship, this remarkable material transcends conventional boundaries to elevate the kitchen experience to unprecedented heights.

At its core lies an unparalleled ability to withstand the rigors of daily use, showcasing exceptional resistance to wear and tear, scratches, and exposure to chemical substances. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Thermo-structured is thoughtfully formulated from a harmonious blend of natural wood fiber and robust melamine resin.

This carefully calibrated composition serves as the foundation for its enduring strength and durability, ensuring that it remains steadfast against the trials of time and usage.

Moreover, the manufacturing process behind this material is a testament to precision engineering and technological innovation. Through a series of sophisticated processes, this composite material undergoes a metamorphosis, emerging with a diverse array of finishes that effortlessly harmonize with a multitude of kitchen aesthetics.

Available finishes for: Kitchen / Wellness / Living

Beige UA92 ovatta

Bianco Light 6573

Caracalla Deciso

Caracalla Fumo

Caracalla Naturale

Clay Grey K096

Clear FB45 ares

Fittipaldi LR29 sablè

Grigio 6299

Grigio Chiaro 6375

Grigio Emme 6577

Grigio Scuro 7020

Grigio UB19 ovatta

Metalizzato FB35 reflex

Bronzo FA 84 Reflex

Mural FC02 ares

Ritmonio D2107

Rovere Moresco

Santos Beige LM97 matrix

Savello LR64 sablè

Total White B073 ovatta

Valletta FB68 ares

Verde Zeus 2548/AR

Villa Ada LR49 sablè

Visone UA94 ovatta

Rovere nero
S 182

Rovere naturale dora S203

Grigio Orione

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