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About us

Pedini, handmade in Italy

Pedini was founded in 1957 in Lucrezia, in the province of Pesaro (Italy), as an artisanal enterprise specialized in kitchen furniture.

Throughout the decades, we have emerged as a pivotal figure in the history of Italian interior design, gradually transitioning into a modern and globally recognized industrial enterprise.

About us - Pedini Kitchens - Made in Italy furniture

To this day, we uphold our dedication to the philosophy of “handmade in Italy,” a commitment underscored by our extensive certifications on manufacturing methods and meticulous selection of materials and components.

The Pedini brand is renowned not only for its global presence in over 60 countries but also for its environmental consciousness and collaborations with world-renowned designers.



We are specialized in creating environments that reflect the lifestyle of those who inhabit them. As dreams, passions and habits evolve over time, our designer furniture adapts to the changing needs of individuals.

Through continuous innovation in both product development and manufacturing processes, in Pedini we strive to improve our customers’ quality of life. This quest for aesthetic and functional excellence extends throughout the home, from the kitchen, often considered the heart of the family, to the living and wellness area.

Our History

In 1957, our inaugural kitchen model, “Francesca,” exemplified innovation with its unique curved lines designed to accommodate various functional areas within the environment. As kitchens became integrated with other areas of the home, including bathrooms and living spaces, our company embarked on a journey of continuous development to refine and enhance functionality with creativity. This evolution led Pedini to transition into an industry leader in the 1990s and expand our offerings into the contract sector.


With over 65 years of history, we take pride in our tradition of crafting artisanal furniture with 100% Made in Italy production. Pedini offers:

  • Creative and modular design
  • Continuous innovation
  • Quality materials
  • Attention to detail
  • International vocation
  • Custom furniture options available
  • Excellence in services

Furthermore, we prioritize respect for the environment and people, along with safety and health consciousness in all our endeavors.

Pedini world

We are able to realise custom-made kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms for private and contract customers worldwide

Showrooms and points of sale

Brera Milano,
Lucrezia (PU),