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Glossy Quartzite

Quartzite is a versatile and eco-friendly conglomerate, crafted from a harmonious blend of resins, polyester, and quartz fragments.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, it stands out as a safe and non-toxic option for modern design applications, offering homeowners peace of mind in knowing that their surfaces are free from harmful chemicals.

Quartzite surfaces invite touch and interaction, enhancing the sensory experience of the space.

It presents endless possibilities for personalization, allowing for the creation of personalized and contemporary designs that reflect individual tastes and preferences.

Whether opting for a sleek and minimalist aesthetic with monochromatic hues or infusing spaces with warmth and character through rich and vibrant tones, Quartzite offers the flexibility to achieve the desired look with precision and style.

Essential Black

Essential Grey

Essential White

Gris Expo


Bianco Q19

Nube Easy X13

Nero Tebas

City Beige

City Dark

City Grey

Bianco Vega

Eternal Statuario

Eternal Marquiña

Matt Quartzite

Laboratory tests confirm its high hygienic qualities, making it the ideal material for a clean and sanitized home.

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Metropolis Oyster

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Metropolis Galaxy

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