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Kitchens by Pedini

Our Kitchens

Here you can find all the Kitchens by Pedini. All our solutions are embody with a flawless harmony between form and function.

Serving as the focal point of Pedini’s furniture offerings and the nucleus of the household, the kitchen takes on a leading role in every collection. Its sleek design and efficient functionality set it apart from the conventional idea of a mere cooking space.

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The Pedini kitchens

The signature Made in Italy quality of Pedini kitchens shines through in the use of high-quality materials, sustainable production methods, and certifications ensuring top-notch performance. Crafted for those passionate about culinary art, our kitchens embody excellence in every detail.

With Pedini, your kitchen becomes a perfect machine, a complex system of material elements and finishes with a design that is modern, timeless, guaranteed over the years.

Volumes designed to create continuity and practicality

Kitchen islands and peninsulas effortlessly merge into expansive and refined spaces, where materials and clean lines establish a sense of continuity, seamlessly transitioning between various worktops and storage units.

Separator accessories, freestanding elements, and minimalist shelves enhance the functionality of the kitchen area, whether integrated within wall units with neatly arranged mechanisms or utilized as decorative elements outside, ensuring a tidy and organized environment.

Multifunctional spaces and attention to detail

The Contemporary structures of the Kitchens By Pedini, conceal versatile spaces within. The wide dimensions and discreet shapes of tall units facilitate the rational organization of all kitchen utensils, cleverly hiding multifunctional areas like extra worktops and retractable containers.

Meticulous attention to detail and innovative mechanisms define the ethos. Boiseries and doors seamlessly complement the diverse mix of finishes and materials defining the kitchen space. Advanced opening and closing mechanisms, agile and essential, are seamlessly integrated into this context.

Modern structures hide multifunctional spaces

The tall units wide in dimensions and discrete in shape allow to rationally organize all the kitchen utensils, hiding actual multifunctional areas, such as additional worktops and retractable containers.

A new way of experiencing the kitchen

Ergonomics stands as the cornerstone of all the Kitchen by Pedini, a fundamental imperative aimed at enhancing kitchen functionality to its utmost potential. Carefully crafted with professional worktop and cooktop utilization in mind, each element not only ensures seamless operation but also contributes significant value to any design undertaking, promising a harmonious fusion of forms and functions.


For personalization of all finishes, please visit the Materials page.

Pedini world

We are able to realise custom-made kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms for private and contract customers worldwide

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