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HPL Laminate

HPL (High-Pressure Decorative Laminate) laminate emerges as a standout choice in the realm of surfacing materials.

Distinguished by its innovative thermal lamination process conducted under precise temperature and pressure conditions. This meticulous manufacturing technique ensures the preservation of both the aesthetic allure and functional prowess of the material, setting it apart from conventional options and elevating it to a league of its own.

One of the defining characteristics of HPL laminate is its remarkable versatility, making it an ideal solution for a diverse range of applications. Its inherent resilience is evident in its ability to withstand a multitude of challenges, including scratches, impacts, abrasions, chemical exposure, bacterial infiltration, and heat.

HPL laminate represents more than just a surface material—it embodies a commitment to quality, durability, and design excellence. With its innovative manufacturing process, exceptional performance attributes, and diverse range of finishes it serves as a versatile and reliable solution for projects of any scale or scope!

Available finishes for:

  • Work surface: Linear only

Bianco 001R

Beige UA92 seta

Grigio UB19 seta

Visone UA94 seta

Metallizzato FB35 reflex

Mural FC02 ares

Valletta FB68 ares

Clear FB45 ares

Available finishes for: Kitchen / Wellness / Living

  • Doors: Aroma / Moka
  • Work surface: Linear only

Statuario 439

Calacatta 424

Dark Pulpis 443

Botticino 410

Emperador 425

Maliand 441

Tobacco 440

Impero 438

Sahara Noir 444

Tadao 426

Corten 406

Cesar Brown 145

Fenix laminate

Fenix laminate is a cutting-edge material that stands out for its use of nanotechnology. It features a soft, matt, fingerprint-resistant surface with dry heat resistance. It is easily repairable in case of shallow scratches through thermal healing, making it a smart and design-oriented material.

Available finishes for: Kitchen / Wellness / Living

Bianco Kos 0032

Bianco Malè 0029

Bianco Dover 0757

Beige Luxor 0719

Castoro Ottawa 0717

Grigio Londra 0718

Grigio Bromo 0724

Grigio Efeso 0725

Beige Arizona 0748

Cacao Orinoco 0749

Verde Commodoro 0750

Rosso Jaipur 0751

Grigio Antrim 0752

Blu Fes 0754

Nero Ingo 0720

Zinco Doha 2628

Bronzo Doha 2629

Piombo Doha 2630

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