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Pedini products personalizations

Through design furniture personalizations, compositional possibilities are expanded, resulting in textural environments with a unique and elegant color mix.

Pedini elevates the art of designer furniture, opening up a realm of endless personalization options that bring spaces to life with distinctive and sophisticated color play.

Innovations such as energy-efficient lighting systems, eco-friendly finishes, and recyclable materials are seamlessly incorporated into Pedini’s custom-designed furniture, allowing clients to make choices that are not only stylish but also environmentally conscious.

Pedini remains committed to pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation, while staying true to their core values of quality, craftsmanship, and sustainability.

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Pedini’s Personalizations

Pedini embraces these advances, infusing its creations with the timeless craftsmanship that has always defined its furniture.

By combining materials and finishes and evoking the unmistakable qualities of craftsmanship, personalizations are an hallmark of Pedini’s furniture.

Every detail is carefully considered, from the selection of fine materials to the precise execution of intricate designs.

Boiseries and Equipped Wall Units

Attention to design reaches new heights with the customizations of boiseries and equipped wall units by Pedini.

These bespoke creations not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen but also serve as focal points that seamlessly integrate into the overall design scheme of the home.

With elegant finishes and essential colors, Pedini’s boiseries and wall units elevate interior spaces, creating a sensory journey that captivates the senses and enhances the ambiance of every room they inhabit.

Professional Worktops

The choice of worktops plays an important role in home design. Whether crafting a gourmet haven or a cozy family space, for your customizations you can choose from a wide range of materials: Corian, Quartzite, Steel, Gres, Granite, and Lapitec can profoundly influence the ambiance and utility of the kitchen environment.

With these premium materials, homeowners can create a professional-grade kitchen that not only inspires culinary creativity but also reflects their personal style and passions.

Timeless Materials

Wood, natural stones, and metal alloys are all elements that, when used to shape design furniture, give a timeless style to the home, modern in shape, capable of lasting over the years without losing functionality.

Choose the material that best suits your style and needs and create the perfect customizations for you!

Natural Colors and Finishes

The extensive array of chromatic textures fosters seamless continuity throughout various areas of the home, enriching its aesthetic tapestry. From glossy and matte to micro-textured or metallic finishes, each surface interacts with light and shadow, dynamically sculpting volumes and amplifying spatial dimensions with the infusion of natural light.

The interplay of customizations and finishes adds depth and character, elevating the home into a sanctuary of style and sophistication.

CO2 Neutral Manufacturing

Pedini takes pride in producing furnishings and offering extensive customizations through an environmentally-conscious manufacturing process.

Every step, from design to production, prioritizes sustainability, ensuring minimal impact on the planet.

By utilizing energy sources that are CO2 neutral and sourced from certified renewable sources, Pedini not only creates exquisite furniture but also contributes positively to the environment.

Custom Design

We collaborate together to create functional spaces, starting from the preliminary project to the customization of every aesthetic aspect.

Our commitment to excellence continues with our comprehensive after-sales support, ensuring that our design furniture meets the exacting standards synonymous with Made in Italy quality.

From start to finish, we offer tailored solutions to personalize your spaces, delivering furniture that embodies the perfect blend of style, functionality, and Italian craftsmanship.

All the solutions to personalize your spaces.

More than 50 types of finishes at your disposal applicable on our products

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