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Quality handmade in Italy, while respecting the environment and ethics

Relying on Pedini quality is a valuable choice, which starts with design consultancy and continues over time with accurate after-sales service.

Certifications - Pedini Kitchens

Made in Italy furniture

The whole manufacturing process takes place in Italy. The Pedini brand is certified by IT01 system – 100% original Italian quality.

Certifications - Pedini Kitchens

Certified quality

UNI EN 9001 is an international standard that defines the requirements for the quality management system. It assures the company’s ability to constantly supply products and services that satisfy customers and regulations.

Certifications - Pedini Kitchens

Health and safety

ISO 45001 is the new globally recognized benchmark for the health and safety management system in the workplace.

Certifications - Pedini Kitchens

Compliant with Carb 2 certification

Certifications - Pedini Kitchens

IT AEOF 13 0813 certificate

Lo status di AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) ci permette di fare dogana direttamente in sede, con notevole risparmio di tempo. Inoltre, garantisce l’affidabilità e l’efficienza dell’azienda, il rispetto delle norme del commercio internazionale e la solidità finanziaria.

Certifications - Pedini Kitchens

Ethical assurance

The 231 model is an organizational model that requires the adoption of a series of procedures to prevent penal responsibility. It consists of very strict ethical rules that all our employees must abide by.

Pedini world

We are able to realise custom-made kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms for private and contract customers worldwide

Showrooms and points of sale

Brera Milano,
Lucrezia (PU),